senator to vote for the Philippines

Jack Enrile Is the Senator to Vote for in the Philippines

If one were to take a look at statistics, the cold hard facts, one would see that the voters who take up the biggest percentage of the voting population are the working class voters; in other words, if they already have decided on which senator to vote for the Philippines, then it is more than likely that that senator will be headed on his way to the Philippine Senate. As a result, it is no surprise that the majority of senatorial candidates are reaching out to the working class, in order to not only win their hearts and minds but to also win their vote. On the other hand, how many of these senatorial candidates are really, truly dedicated in helping out the working class, or are they really all just words, mere talk? Thankfully, the working class knows the answer. They know which senatorial candidates have their interests at heart. They know who is ready to take on the problems of hunger and poverty that they are facing on an almost day to day basis. They know the candidates who will find the best solutions in helping solve these problems. They know that former congressman of Cagayan and current senatorial hopeful Jack Enrile is one of these candidates.