Senior Helpers

Local Families Start the New Year With Heavy Hearts

You just returned home from holiday break with the horrifying realization that Mom or Dad needs help. You kept quiet in front of your parents to not disrupt the good time, but when you got back home and settled into your routine, Mom’s forgetfulness or Dad’s clumsiness has haunted you. You and your siblings don’t agree on the severity of the problem. You’re panicked. Unsure. How are you supposed to know if Mom or Dad needs help and to what degree?

Local In-Home Care Company Keeps Seniors “Grounded” This Fall

The first day of fall traditionally marks Fall Prevention Awareness. One out of three adults age 65 and older falls each year, but less than half of those seniors talk with their healthcare providers about it. Falls have become a nationwide health problem - a problem that is largely preventable. That’s why Senior Helpers, one of the leading in-home care providers for seniors in the nation, has highly trained caregivers who can help spot danger zones in and around seniors’ homes and can help seniors move around their environment more carefully.

New Solution for Local Seniors Feeling Trapped in Homes Because of Housing Crisis

With the collapse of the housing market, older Americans can’t sell their homes and move into assisted living. So in these desperate financial times, they’re turning to an alternative source for care that will save them money in the long run. New research reveals in-home care is much more affordable than the cost of a nursing home. So much so, that at least a third of seniors recently polled said they wouldn’t even be able to afford a single month of care in a nursing home.

Senior Helpers Partners With the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to Reduce Toll of Devastating Disease

With the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease escalating and the needs of families dramatically increasing along with it, Senior Helpers, one of the largest in-home care companies for seniors in the nation, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), one of the nation’s leading non-profit foundations dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with the disease and their families.

“Heat Helpers” Aids Local Seniors Who Ignore Heat Warnings

A deadly heat wave is melting most of the country but as it turns out, many senior citizens, most vulnerable to the heat, may be ignoring the warnings. A study out of Kent State University shows 90 percent of respondents over the age of 65 were aware of heat warnings, but most seniors thought the messages were targeted toward “older Americans,” a group to which they did not think they belonged.* That’s why Senior Helpers, one of the largest in-home providers for seniors in the nation, has started a program called “Heat Helpers,” caregivers who come to the home to keep the elderly safe in this sweltering summer.

National Survey Reveals Moms Choose Daughters over Sons

As the old saying goes “A son is a son ‘til he takes him a wife. A daughter is a daughter all of her life.” A new national survey shows mothers may indeed believe that saying, counting on their daughters as they age. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the national poll found 70% of mothers with both a son(s) and a daughter(s) would overwhelming choose to move in with their daughter over their son if they could not take care of themselves. 68% of mothers say that, as they age, daughters will take better care of them than sons will. And 65% of mothers say their daughters, over their sons, would most likely want them to move in.

Spike in Senior Population Creates Huge Demand for Local Caregivers

Unemployment falls, Americans still wondering ‘Where are the Jobs?’

First Wave of Senior ‘Boomers’ to Have Huge Impact Socially, Economically

As the first ‘Baby Boomers’ officially hit senior status, businesses and families feel the effect

‘Santa’s Senior Helpers’ Lend a Helping Hand for the Holidays

You may have seen them around but just didn’t take notice. Elders’ elves drive the cars, open the doors, and wait in the lines for their aging friends who can’t do it on their own anymore. They hunt for deals, decorate, wrap the presents, and help seniors shop online. They are Santa’s Senior Helpers, and they aren’t from the North Pole.

Senior Helpers Announces New National Partnership With LifeBio

Innovative concept allows caregivers and family to record seniors’ life stories for family and future generations