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Content and Social Media Marketing, the New SEO

LogoOut with the thinking that one can and should manipulate search engines by simply building backlinks, keyword stuffing on web pages, duplicate content developments and the likes – this is a myth. Old school strategies and process are no longer relevant to Google; in fact this can do more harm than good.

Keep Moving Forward: Say No to Old School SEO

LogoOver time, and with all the recent updates, SEO evolves. One can no longer manipulate his positioning on the search engine results page by simply stuffing exact match keywords on the site’s tags and descriptions and blasting it with links, this can do more harm to the site than good. It is now time to bid old school SEO goodbye and embrace the changes. However there are still advocates of the latter who steadfastly refuse to accept and embrace the changing of the winds.

SEO Isn't Dead, Never Has, Never Been and Never Will Be

LogoCome to think of it, what are searchers looking for?

Huffington Post Is Worth $315 Million with the Help of SEO: Great Learnings from Huffington Post's Best SEO Practices

LogoAs reported by NY Times, “The Huffington Post’s skill at using [SEO] to increase readership and revenue was one of the ways it made itself worth $315 million”. Given the SEO magic that served as a vehicle for Huffington Post to increase readership and revenue, what specific SEO models would pave the way toward profitable journalism?