Sesame Kingdom

Sesame Kingdom Launch Taps Superfood Seed for Mediterranean Alternative to Conventional Spreads

LogoPoised on a tiny seed called sesame, a new company is slated to build a kingdom. Think Babylon 4,000 years ago when sesame seeds were so valuable for nourishment and medicinal remedies they were used as currency. Now think Sesame Kingdom. The company has gone renegade to bring the marketplace the newest old answer to food enhancements. Their new Mediterranean Spreads are made by using the ancient production method of slow stone grinding until they reach a silky texture. Naturally sweet, every bite reveals pure ingredients accentuated by Mediterranean spices. The spreads can be drizzled, dripped, or slathered on any food one can imagine to up the ante on taste and nutritional value. A hit for Paleo enthusiasts and gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free fans, this diabetic-friendly superfood, gives energy naturally without an ounce of guilt.