Setroft E-Tourism Solutions

E-Tourism Solutions Launches New Online System to Take Front-Desk Stress out of Holidays

E-Tourism Solutions has launched a new online check-in system for hotels. A spokesperson commented on the system; “Our new online check-in system for hotels allows holidaymakers to simply collect their room key on arrival and breeze into the comfort of their waiting bed, rather than engage in a long, manual data registration process at the front desk. The system promises big savings on time and staff duties for hotel owners, meaning everybody wins. As well as driving down costs for the hotel it also creates a positive impression of the hotel with the customer.” Launches Innovative New Electronic Hotel Check in Solution

In the current economic climate few businesses can escape the pace of constant change, but the tourism industry is currently creating one of the world’s most innovative markets. Frequent business travelers demand extremely high standards of service, and hotels face stiff competition. Almost every day emerging technologies create new paradigms in the way that hotels do business.