Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye Brings Fiber Coloring Machines & Secondary Coating Line for Fiber Cable Industry

Since 1998, Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company has been researching and improving its equipments and machines that can bring more efficiency to the fiber cable industry. The company continuously improves its machines and supplies several types of equipments that can offer functional advantages for a company engaged in the optical fiber cabling business.

Best System Build Up with the Fiber Cable Equipment

The large world of telecommunication system is rapidly increasing allover the world. Not only the first world countries, but also the developing countries are also coming up with more and more initiatives for spreading up the telecommunication system to the farthest corners of the world. In this connection, the use of the wires have becomes much important. The quality of the wires as well as their lasting period offers the assurance to the controllers of the system. Be it the optic fiber cable equipments or the SZ stranding line or ever the secondary coating line, the telecommunication industry always looks for the best options.

Shanghai Weiye Manufactures and Supplies Optic Fiber Cable Equipments

Optical fibers are primarily used as a means to transmit light between two ends of a fiber. It is a great substitute to metal wires as signals pass through them with lesser amount of loss. These fibers also provide ample resistance against electromagnetic interference, a problem suffered by metal wires. Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd specializes in the production and supply of optic fiber cable equipment and machinery. Annual production volume reaches at 30 million USD and the company has a self owned manufacturing facility.

Shanghai Weiye Is a Specialised Manufacturer of Various Fiber Optic Cable Machinery

There is a surplus demand for different types of fiber optic cables in industries like telecommunication, defence, medical and many more. To meet this growing demand Shanghai Weiye has brought out variety of fiber optic cable machineries in the market. The company is primarily known for its manufacturing of optic fiber cable equipment products like optic fiber ribbon line, optical fiber drawing tower, optical fiber colouring machine and many more. Users can see all these products simply by visiting the site of the company. Each product offers detailed description and specifications. Such details allow the users to make a wide range of selection before purchasing or placing order in the site of the company.

Shanghai Weiye Manufactures Machines for Producing Fiber Optic Cables

There has been a great demand for machines that will reduce the cost of importing optical fiber cables from other countries. Shanghai Weiye has brought many specialised machines in the market that help in the production of optical fiber cables quite easily. These machines are useful for the manufacturing of different types of optic fiber cable equipment at a comparatively low production cost. All the machines are produced in the manufacturing plants of the company. The main product of the firm includes Optical Cable Sheathing Line. The product is mainly used for the manufacturing of optical fiber pipes of different diameters. It consists of many essential spare parts that include jib crane, metal tape accumulator, water blocking tape, pay off, hot melt applicator and many more. The running speed of the machine is 80 m/min and has a good demand in electronic and communication industry.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Produces Efficient Optical Fibre Products

There is a rapid use of optical fibers in the manufacturing of electronic and telecommunication products. Optical fibers do help to increase the longevity of any machine product. Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd has a surplus supply of specialised machines that help to produce various optical fiber products. The main product of the firm consists of different optic fiber cable equipment manufacturing machines. These machines help in the production of cable wire and other connectivity devices. The products coming out of these machines help to improve the current carrying efficiency and also increase the heating resisting capacity.

Shanghai Weiye Unveils Technologically Improved Optic Fiber Cable Equipment for Industries

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company is pleased to announce the further development of its new range of optical fiber equipment for industrial use. The company has released new products that are technologically superior and have been tested and recognized for offering the best performance. With new equipments, the company consolidates its position in the global market and is confident to explore new marketing regions now.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company Announces Production Lines for Optical Fiber Cables

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd. keeps improving its production line for the manufacturing of optical fibers that can carry data in a speedy and safe manner. Recently, the company has updated its production line with an objective of providing high quality cabling products, fueling the growth of the communication and data transmission industry. One can learn about the finer details of the company’s new inventions on their website.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., LTD Manufactures Optical Fibre Cable Machines

Optical fibre cable is one of the highly useful inventions of the recent age. The cables contain optical fibres that are capable of carrying light. It is a very significant invention in the modern age when safe and fast transmission of data is in high demand. Shanghai Weiye OFC Company Limited plays an important role towards mass production of optical fibre cables. The Chinese company specialises in manufacturing machines such as Fiber tight buffer production line that are used for manufacturing optical fibre cables. It has been engaged in research in fibre optics and its subsequent development for more than a decade.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Bring Specialized Fiber Optical Cable Machinery for Industries

In the modern communication era, fiber optical cables play an important role in the transmission of data and signals at the lightening speed. Companies involved in paving and maintenance of fiber optical cables require a range of equipments and tools. For all such companies, now Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Company brings a range of machineries and tools, helping them accomplish their tasks in a more professional and efficient manner. The company has a wide range of optic fiber cable equipment in their portfolio that has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern industries.