Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hand Jet Printer Easy Operation & Marking

Hand Jet Printer has very small volume, light weight, and it is easy to operate, so now more and more demander will prefer this small hand jet printer. The person who operates it doesn't need any special trainings, almost everyone can operate it smoothly, because it is as small and easy as a telephone. No special person needed, zero maintenance, the use-cost is very low.

Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Company Introduces Revolutionary Handheld & Portable Inkjet Printer for the Modern Generation

The world is going mobile. The modern population loves to carry different types of jazzy computing devices for their work. But when comes to printing any documents, people often have to search for a printer that remains installed at stationary locations, such as a home or an office. But now, this barrier has been eliminated by China based Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Company with its handheld inkjet printer. With a mobile printer, one can print documents while on the move working on a mobile computing device.