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Display Revolution, the Flexible LED Panel Is Shocking

LogoIn the increasingly demanding market requirements, LED special-shaped display pay more attention to structural breakthroughs, and are more inclined to occasions with special requirements. Usually, in the case where the curvature of the display screen is small and the display form is more complicated, the seam and the flatness are not well solved, which results in display inconsistency, mosaic and other problems. Thus leading to poor overall display performance. In response to this problem, Flexiable led panel came into being with plenty of advantages unmatched by ordinary led curved display.

LED Displays Create New Horizons with Advanced Technology

LogoIn the end of the year, people hold concerts, company annual meetings, and varies of joint performances. As the showbiz market booming nowadays, stage art calls for much of our attentions. With advantages of permeability, clarity and the strong sense of future, the displays occupy the leading position in stage art. LED displays links with the performance to form a continuous fluctuating emotional flow and enhance the visual experience of the audience.