Shim Clinic

Shim Clinic Is Providing Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing and Treatment

LogoShim Clinic has since its establishment been an accessible location open for the general public who are after professional medical treatment offered in a comfortable space. The walk-in clinic provides general medical services but is mostly known for their sexual health services which have been a central part of their day-to-day operations. The assurance of private and confidential services has been a pillar that Shim Clinic strongly holds on to and extends to all their patients.

Shim Clinic Offers HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Treatments in Singapore

LogoShim Clinic is all about compassion and personalised care. Idyllically located in Bedok South Avenue, Singapore, Shim Clinic brings to the table a broad range of safe treatments for men with the help of compassionate, multilingual and qualified faculty. Patients, regardless of their age, demographics or occupation, can also rely on the clinic for a range of accurate diagnostics and effective cosmetic services. The clinic justifies its status as a private and confidential and general practice by providing anonymity to the patient's identity. Moreover, Shim Clinic charges competitively across the board, making healthcare accessible to all.