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Shires Law in Gloucestershire Now Easily Contacted via Facebook and Twitter

Social media has become increasingly relevant in recent years, and the law firm of Shires Law understands this – and this is why it is now easier for clients to get in touch with Shires Law through Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+.

Shires Law Now Offers More Assistance for Occupational Stress and Abuse Claims

The workplace is supposed to be an environment which fosters productivity as well as harmony. But if it becomes an environment which is not only stressful but downright abusive, Shires Law can step in. The law firm now offers more assistance for victims of occupational stress and abuse who would like to make a claim.

Shires Law Confirms Cosmetic Burn Injuries Can Be Awarded Compensation of 4000 to 6000

There are many personal injury cases in the UK, but the alarming increase in cosmetic and beauty injury claims has everyone concerned. Shires Law understands the need for justice in such claims, and it has confirmed that cosmetic burn injury claims can be awarded from 4000 to 6000 depending on the injury.

More Reviews Released for Shires Law's Service for Personal Injury Claims

The work of a personal injury solicitor can often be complex as they are dealing with finding the right evidence to achieve success in a compensation claim. But if a solicitor has enough expertise and experience, anyone can rest assured that their claim will be properly taken care of. Shires Law is one firm which has proven its merit once again with more satisfied client reviews.

Shires Law Outlines Types of Claims for Accidents at Work for Benefit of Interested Clients

Accidents at work are more common than anyone may think and can range from simple slips and falls to construction-related injuries. For those who are seeking more information on the types of work accident claims they can file, Shires Law readily gives the answers.

Shires Law Explains Risks Associated with Laser Hair Removal Treatment – And How to Make a Claim

When it comes to treatment procedures such as laser hair removal, there are risks involved – and not everyone may know this. But thanks to Shires Law's experienced solicitors, those who have been victim of a personal injury can get the information they need – especially on making a claim.

Free Advice Offered by Shires Law for Those Seeking Claims for Accidents at Work

There are many kinds of accidents which occur in the workplace, and all of these can result in significant personal injury, loss of income, pain and discomfort. For those wanting to get free advice for a workplace injury claim, Shires Law's legal experts are just a phone call away.

Clients Can Receive Up to 30,000 in Compensation for Hair Loss, Confirms Shires Law

Hair damage claims are on the rise - because the hair treatment industry is vastly under-regulated, more people are becoming victims of hair and scalp injuries. And now, Shires Law confirms, clients can receive as much as £30,000 in compensation for hair loss and various other losses after hair straightening treatments.

Claiming Compensation for a Laser Injury Now Made Easier by Shires Law

There are now more incidents of injuries involving laser treatments. But fortunately, those who have suffered from such injuries can more easily turn to Shires Law in order to receive the compensation they deserve.

Advice on the Risks of Laser Hair Removal Readily Available at Shires Law Website

Aside from giving ready advice on how to make a claim for personal injuries such as laser burns from laser hair removal treatment, Shires Law also provides advice on the actual risks involved in such treatments, and how to avoid them.