Shred-on-Site Provides Regularly-Scheduled Paper Shredding Services at Client's Premises

LogoThe UK's largest, locally-owned certified document shredding and destruction service, Shred-on-Site offers regularly-scheduled shredding services to businesses and organisations looking to safely destroy confidential or proprietary documents on a continual basis. Fully compliant and accredited to EN 15713:2009, the scheduled document shredding services help business owners to protect their business from any information breach. Through their regular shredding services, the company aims to keep its clients fully compliant with the Data Protection Acts by keeping their confidential information secure. Hiring regular shredding services from Shred-on-Site come with an assortment of benefits, including, but are not limited to:

Shred-on-Site Provides Secure and Reliable Shredding Solutions for the Financial Firms Across the UK

LogoShred-on-Site provides a wide range of secure shredding solutions for the financial services across the UK. Their financial record shredding solutions are fully compliant and accredited to EN 15713:2009 and carried by a team of trained and vetted document shredding specialists. These services are designed to helps financial firms to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to their sensitive information. The company ensures that all materials are disposed in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. In addition to this, when shredding is complete, they issue clients with a Waste Transfer Note and a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that their material has been securely shredded.

Shred-on-Site Provides a Full Range of Media Destruction Services Meeting Security Protocols of Any Business

LogoShred-on-Site, a leading shredding company in London, provides a full range of media destruction services that will fit the security protocols of any business. Their media destruction services are carried out for a wide range of products, including Hard Drives, CDs and DVDs, USB Memory sticks and SIM Cards, Microfishe and Floppy Disks, X-Rays and Video or Cassette Tapes. Secure, safe, reliable and confidential, these services are most extensively used by businesses across a wide range of industries from small SMEs to large blue-chip organisations in the UK.

Shred-on-Site Provides Secure and Reliable on-Site Document Destruction Services Across the UK

LogoShred-on-Site, a leading provider of shredding services in London, provides on-site shredding services that are confidential, secure and reliable. They have a fleet of technologically advanced mobile shredding vehicles that can destruct any kind of confidential material whether they are in the form of paper records, digital media, uniforms, ID badges or other goods. They have a team of vetted professionals who provide secure and reliable on-site shredding services across a wide range of industries from small SMEs to large blue-chip organisations.

Shred-on-Site Provides Reliable Paper Shredding Services Throughout the UK

LogoShred-on-Site, an independent paper shredding company in the UK, provides paper shredding and document destruction services that help businesses reduce the risk of unauthorised access to their sensitive data. Their paper shredding service has been accredited with the highest industry standard, EN 15713:2009, which provides a framework of key conditions to safeguard the security of information.