Silver Retreats

Silver Retreats Expanding Corporate Retreats and Vacationing Options to Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda

Silver Retreats®, one of the world’s most luxurious and trusted corporate retreat and luxury accommodations company, is expanding its brand presence in Bermuda by launching a new option using Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. “The Cambridge Beaches team commitment is to create a world class luxury resort experience by anticipating the needs of our guests thereby providing the ultimate, in guest satisfaction. Aspirations are recognized and satisfied, always leaving our guests feeling welcomed, cared for, comfortable and pampered, “ said Clarence Hofheins, General Manager of Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. “Our new partnership with Silver Retreats is an extension of that philosophy by providing our corporate group clients with a dedicated service ensuring an incredible experience, with several customizable options and a level of luxury that our discerning guests have come to expect when traveling to Bermuda and staying at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. We see this partnership as a perfect fit.”