Simon Law Group

Simon Law Group Assists Those Facing Drug Charges in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Simon Law Group is a law firm that serves clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They offer representation to clients who are dealing with legal matters that have to do with criminal charges, disorderly charges, DUIs, traffic violations, drug charges and much more. People searching for a criminal lawyer in Somerville can turn to this firm, which offers 24/7 accessibility, eights offices throughout PA and NJ and the ability to meet the needs of their clients no matter what the circumstances are.

Simon Law Group Can Help Clients with Record Expungement

Simon Law Group understands that a drug charge can destroy one's personal and professional reputation and cause major damage to one's lifestyle. Most employers conduct background checks and are reluctant to hire those with a drug charge on their records. Similarly, many businesses that offer loans (like car dealerships and banks) will be reluctant to agree to loan money to a lender with a drug charge.

Simon Law Group Warns About Shoplifting Penalties

In the month of May alone, over 7,000 New Jersey residents were arrested for shoplifting. Simon Law Group is urging residents to understand the penalties of shoplifting in an effort to reduce the rates of theft across the state.

Simon Law Group Helping Clients with DUI Charges This Summer

Simon Law Group, a firm that has over 170 years of combined experience, provides clients with 24/7 accessibility. With eight offices throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they are able to tailor to the needs of all of their customers' needs, no matter what situation arises.

Simon Law Group Delivers Uncompromising Representation

Simon Law Group, a prominent New Jersey law firm, vows to deliver uncompromising representation to every single one of their clients.