Simple Telecom

Simple Telecom Announces Revised and Simplified Pricing Plans for Many Products

Simple Telecom, a top provider of 1300 numbers and telephone services, announced new, simplified and lowered pricing schemes for many of the company's top products. The new 1300 number pricing plans, for example, start as low as $15 per month, with a variety of other options for customers who expect heavier inbound call volume. Since the company's founding seven years ago, Simple Telecom has grown to become one of the leaders in its sector of the Australian telecommunications industry by providing customers with straightforward, economical products and excellent customer service.

Simple Telecom Announces Launch of Two Innovative New Telephone Services

Simple Telecom, a leading provider of telephone numbers and related services, announced a pair of new offerings that can be used with phone numbers arranged for by the company. A new "click to call" system makes it even easier than previously for the company's customers to allow Web visitors to contact them by phone, while the company's new Postcode Prompter feature enables the automatic routing of calls made directed at 1300- or 1800-based numbers to appropriate local branches. Founded in 2006, Simple Telecom has become one of Australia's most innovative telephony specialists, while also delivering the greatest value possible for the wide range of services detailed at