FXHOLIC Contest Revolutionizes the Way Forex Trading Beginners Enter Capital Markets

While Global Foreign Exchange Markets tend to exceed a daily turnover of 4 Trillion, everyday more internet users seek their way out of recession jumping on the Currency Trading train. They hear about huge returns and profit potential, they hear they can start with little capital but are afraid to test the waters opening a Live Account, mainly because they don’t have the knowledge and they can’t afford to see their limited capital wiped off. designed a Contest with Forex Newbies in mind, addressing these exact drawbacks and offering both training and motivation in a very beginners-friendly environment. Teaches Beginners How to Trade Forex

Learning How to Trade Forex has become the obsession of many, who realize that in the midst of Recession, there is a Goldmine that can give them a fair share of Financial Freedom and that is the 4 Trillion per Day Global Capital Markets Giant. Their main drawbacks being lack of knowledge and limited capital, most Forex Trading Beginners are reluctant to open a Live Account and start Trading.