Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network

“Pay Attention to People” Says World Leader in Emotional Intelligence

The new “hidden six” logo tells an important story about noticing what is often ignored in daily life: people and their emotions. Six Seconds is a global not-for-profit organization helping all people learn the skills of emotional intelligence so businesses, schools and people thrive. To celebrate the start of their 10th year, the organization adopted a new logo that reminds people to pay close attention to one another.

New Research on Emotional Intelligence Development in IT Shows Even Geeks Can Lean People Skills

Despite their super-human capacity for making computers communicate, many “geeks” (AKA “IT Professionals”) are challenged by the traditional human-to-human interface. Yet as key players in any business unit, today’s IT experts have to get beyond their “left-brain” genius. While some think techies lack an understanding of emotions, new research by Six Seconds Consulting Group proves otherwise.

The Intelligence of Emotions: Cutting Through the Emotional Intelligence Hype

The most recent NexusEQ Conference included delegates from over 100 disciplines and 37 nations gathered in Holland to see how emotional intelligence improves leadership. On, more and more practitioners are appearing from all over the world. Google News has stories about EQ every day. It all goes to show that emotional Intelligence is of interest to a wide and growing audience. But what do we mean by “emotional intelligence” -- is it just a nice way of talking about concepts that have been popular for decades? Or is there really a new concept to explore?

Emotional Intelligence Certification Training Provides Proven Tools for Developing Individual and Team Effectiveness

Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Network trains professionals to deliver innovative tools for individual and organizational change. In a program that’s been successful for hundreds of professionals from six continents, participants take away a proven approach to EQ instruction and a powerful toolbox of emotional intelligence development exercises that are interactive and multi-sensory. Plus, they deepen their own emotional intelligence so they can more effectively teach others.

EQ Training Puts the CARE in Healthcare Leadership: Certification Training to Assess and Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence certification training provides a practical and human approach to improving healthcare leadership. SUNY Upstate Medical University and the Six Seconds Institute for Healthcare Leadership are presenting an emotional intelligence certification for developing leadership this May in Syracuse. The program is for leaders and those charged with improving leadership in their organizations.