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SK&A Audit of Healthcare Industry Contact Data Reveals a 60% Inaccuracy Rate

LogoStartling data found by SK&A audit revels that more than half of healthcare-marketing data used by healthcare advertising agencies, medical device companies and 16 of the top-50 pharmaceutical companies is incorrect.

SK&A Announces Management-Level Promotions in Marketing and Operations Departments

LogoSK&A promotes Jack Schember to VP of Marketing and expands the job responsibilities of VP of Operations Albert Chang.

SK&A Releases Study on Acceptance of Medicare and Medicaid Programs by U.S. Medical Offices

LogoWith last month’s U.S. Census Bureau report showing that the number of Americans supported by government-sponsored health insurance plans rose to 87.4 million in 2008 — 29% of the U.S. population — SK&A, a leading provider of healthcare information and research, today released its Physician Office Acceptance of Government Insurance Programs Report, which reveals that 83% of U.S. medical offices accept Medicare and 65% accept Medicaid.

SK&A Study Reveals Office Managers Wield Important Influence Over Access in Physician Offices

LogoIn a national survey of U.S. medical practices, SK&A Information Services, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare information and research, found that office managers wield as much influence as lead physicians in determining the policy for allowing industry sales representatives to visit with physicians. Of the medical practices that allow visits, 48 percent of respondents said the office manager sets the policy while 47 percent said the lead physician sets the policy. Another five percent of survey respondents said the policy is established at the group headquarters level. Moreover, 97 percent said their sales rep visitation policy has been in place for two or more years.