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Slidell Dentist Dr. Edwin L. Kopfler Explains the Benefits of Titanium Dental Implants for Smile Restoration

LogoDr. Edwin Kopfler, dental implants dentist in Slidell, Louisiana is encouraging patients to learn the facts about titanium dental implants and how they can help them achieve the beautiful, functional smile they've dreamed of since experiencing permanent tooth loss. Although many patients are leery of the safety of titanium due to it being a foreign substance, Dr. Kopfler hopes patients realize that it is the safest and most effective material for providing long-lasting prosthetic dental results.

Slidell Dentist Provides Sedation Options for Louisiana Implant Patients

LogoSlidell, Louisiana general dentist Dr. Edwin Kopfler knows that modern implant technology is an ideal solution for many people with missing, broken or decayed teeth that need to be replaced. However, many patients who learn about the process during consultation, or who've had longtime fear and anxiety associated with dentistry, may avoid the benefits of implants because of trepidations about the extensive procedure. Tooth loss is disruptive, embarrassing, and may even be painful if teeth are broken or damaged in some way that affects the nerve. Severely damaged teeth can have negative health effects that reach beyond the mouth, causing bone and muscle trauma when the regular bite pattern is affected. Exposed decay can also lead to other problems throughout the body.

Slidell Dentist Provides Tips and Care for Treating and Avoiding Toothaches

LogoSlidell, Louisiana dentist Dr. Edwin Kopfler knows that, at some point in their lives, many people are going to experience a toothache. Some toothaches are the result of dental injury; in these scenarios, the pain is an unavoidable result of trauma. Some people may break a tooth or experience a hairline fracture without immediately realizing it, living pain free until the first bite of ice cream or sip of hot tea exposes the painful truth. It’s always a great idea to stay educated about dental hygiene and proper care. Treating and avoiding toothaches is no exception.