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New California Rules Set for Determining Employee Versus Contractor

LogoIn a decision likely to make it much harder for businesses to classify workers as contractors, the California Supreme Court has set aside a multi-factor standard, which California courts used for 30 years to determine whether a worker was an independent contractor or an employee under the state's various Wage Orders.

SBEMP, LLP Hosts 3rd Annual Business Awards

LogoSBEMP, LLP hosted its 3rd Annual Business Awards on October 29th, 2017 to recognize individuals whose entrepreneurial leadership is building economic excellence and diversity in the Coachella Valley.

Tip Sheet for Palm Springs Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

LogoMost problems ending in arbitration or in a court case are the result of someone getting hurt by food poisoning, personal injuries, unrepaired damage to property, workers not following safety guidelines, or dangerous driving of an employer-owned vehicle. Businesses also experience disputes with shareholders, false claims, and many more issues in dispute with vendors or in-company relations. Company owners and top managers must take it upon themselves to know the law and supervise employees adequately.

Tip Sheet: Participate in Mediation and Arbitration to Resolve Serious Business Disputes

LogoSBEMP is a Palm Springs mediation law firm, trained, certified and experienced in helping businesses of all kinds successfully resolve disputes using the processes of pre-trial mediation and arbitration.

SBEMP Congratulates Litigation Associate Attorney, Chelsea Healey for Passing Bar Exam

LogoSBEMP, a Palm Springs litigation law firm, congratulates Chelsea Healey for passing the Bar Exam. Chelsea is an associate in SBEMP's litigation practice group, and will be located in the firm's Palm Springs office. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law and received her bachelor's of business administration from the University of San Diego.

Buzzbox Beverages, Inc. and Bendistillery, Inc. Successfully Defend Trademark Infringement Claims

LogoSBEMP, LLP, a client-focused results business litigation law firm in Coachella Valley, today announced that on June 10, 2016, a jury in Los Angeles, California returned a unanimous verdict in favor of a local manufacturer of ready-to-drink premium cocktails and its spirits manufacturer. SBEMP represented the defendants in the case of BuzzBallz, LLC v. BuzzBox Beverages, Inc., et al. Case No.: 5:14-cv-01725 (United States District Court, Central District of California).

Prominent Palm Springs Law Firm Obtains $1.66 Million Personal Injury Verdict in Dallas, Texas

LogoSlovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney LLP, a prominent Palm Springs, California law firm announced today that Shaun M. Murphy, a partner in the firm, recently won a $1.66 Million verdict in Dallas, Texas in a case involving the transmission of genital herpes.

Tip Sheet: Alternatives to Resolving Corporate Disputes and Preventing Litigation

LogoIn 2015, many corporations seeking legal help are forgoing the lengthy and expensive process of going to trial to opt for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). There are options in Coachella Valley that can benefit parties who need to settle disagreements while maintaining good business relationships. Often, it is important to avoid the antagonistic nature of a trial, and arbitration and mediation can preserve business ties while keeping settlement details out of public court files. Nationwide, these programs are being recommended by legislatures and courts.

SBEMP Announces New Partners in Labor and Employment Law and Additional San Diego Law Firm Office

LogoSlovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney LLP (SBEMP), a Southern California law firm,, has served the Coachella valley since 1994 by solving unique legal needs in businesses, communities, and government. Now, with the addition of partners, Steve Schultz and Mark Bennett, whose expertise in labor, employment, and commercial law expands the firm's practice in San Diego. Existing SBEMP law offices include Palm Springs, Orange County, and Princeton NJ.

Coachella Valley Corporate Law Firm Announces New SBEMP Business Awards

LogoOur Coachella Valley corporate law firm is proud to announce new “SBEMP Business Awards.” Fresh, innovative and successful local companies will be rewarded for their community contributions to the Coachella Valley through this new business awards program, sponsored by SBEMP, a corporate law firm that works closely with many business ventures.