Smarter Security

Austin Physical Security Solutions Provider Showcases at ISC East

LogoAustin-based physical security solutions provider Smarter Security is proud to announce the exhibition of its Fastlane Glassgate® 300 advanced optical turnstile at ISC East, held from November 19-20, 2014 in New York City. The Glassgate 300 turnstile on display will feature an integrated FastScan PS, a visitor entry system that reads QR codes from smartphones. ISC East is a leading security solutions conference and industry trade show, where cutting-edge technology and designs are showcased for end users, consultants, dealers and systems integrators. Smarter Security will have Glassgate 300 available for demonstration in booth #338.

Austin Physical Security Company to Exhibit at ASIS International 2014 Conference

LogoSmarter Security, Austin-based physical security solutions provider, is announcing its attendance and showcase at this year’s ASIS International security conference. The ASIS conference is an annual gathering of the top minds, movers and manufacturers in the field of security, with exhibitions, seminars, keynotes and events centered on the future of security with a full-spectrum approach. Discussions and topics range from new technology, advancements in systems development, safety and ethics. This year’s ASIS forums will cover a wide range of topics from active shooter concerns and school security to the rise of women in the security field.

Austin Security Solutions Provider Builds Partnerships

LogoSmarter Security develops and implements a wide range of world-class physical security solutions that combine modern design aesthetics with versatility for a variety of architectural applications and the leading-edge of security technology housed in each unit. Smarter Security turnstiles and intelligence products redefine what is capable for enterprise security management, allowing in-depth, unsurpassed levels of insight into the operations and traffic in sensitive, high-security buildings around the globe.

Austin Security Solutions Leads Industry with Glassgate Optical Turnstiles

LogoSmarter Security, Austin-based physical security systems developer and provider, defines leading edge technology in the field with their selection of Glassgate optical turnstiles. The Glassgate turnstile collection combines a sleek, modern, architectural design direction with the most advanced and proprietary technology available on the market today. Glassgate turnstiles come in a variety of different configurations for use in offices, buildings and lobbies around the world. These sleek, futuristic gates are perfect for any structure whose character relies on modern design principles, unobtrusive influx management and state-of-the-art security and metrics. Smarter Security’s advanced monitoring technology enables building management access to new levels of complex data sets regarding entry, exit, attendance and entry/exit frequency measurements.

Austin Security Solutions Provider Looks Forward to Industry Events

LogoSmarter Security, Austin-based security solutions provider, is preparing to share insights with the security community in three upcoming security industry events in summer and fall of 2014. Smarter Security provides a wide selection of technology and hardware to suit the needs of commercial enterprises the world over. In an era of constant threat and surveillance, indoor and outdoor security solutions help create safe, profitable environments for consumers and businesses while reducing the threat of theft, data breach, intrusion and loss.