Smile Perfected

Major Group Dental Service Organizations (DSO) Switches to Smile Perfected

LogoSmile Perfected has announced another undisclosed group DSO has switched to providing the Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System in their offices, further strengthening their position as the preferred product among group dental practices looking to increase hygiene revenue.

Four Wicked Good Reasons Dental Offices Love SmilePerfected

LogoA dizzying array of dental products are available these days, and it can leave practice owners uncertain which products will serve their patients interests while increasing revenue and reducing headache. In many cases, products created for dental offices seem to have no fundamental understanding about how a practice really runs. Smile Perfected™ issued a statement detailing the four primary reasons dental offices love their whitening product.

Zoom Alternative Putting Dental Office Needs First Says Smile Perfected

LogoThe company behind the 20-Minute teeth whitening system™, Smile Perfected, revealed their popular Prophy Plus™ system came close to never being created at all.

Doctors Prefer Dentistry, 'Drool Rules' Says Smile Perfected

Logo"Regulations, insurance restrictions, and hassles have decimated the appeal of medicine. Dental medicine is the new king of professions. Working with drool, rules!" reacted Smile Perfected, maker of the 20-Minute Whitening System™ designed to fit seamlessly into a dental practice's routine in a statement released in reaction to the USNews best professions announcement ranking Dentistry #1 in their 2016 Best Professions List.