SOBA Recovery Center Reaches out to Young Individuals Who Are Struggling Their Way out to Sobriety is one of many establishments that have been building their mark to help people in all ages to fight and retrieve their life. For Soba Recovery Arizona is fully aware that struggle of fighting addiction can be really frustrating and almost impossible to overcome especially when the patient has no one to go to. For these young individuals are yearning for all the help they can get to be able to straighten up their crooked life. Differentiates the Three Contents of Long Term Memory That Can Help People Understand the Grueling Process of Giving Up Drug and Alcohol Dependency

LogoLong Term Memory or LTM plays a huge part in giving up on substance abuse whether its alcohol or drugs in all forms. Why? Our long term memory has contents in it that play a vital part of how our minds fetch our basis of coping towards stress. It's important to note that there are two types stress. There's euphoric stress or Eustress or in other words good stress which is beneficial to our bodies because they release feel good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin. While Distress is something we are all familiar with and is the opposite of Eustress which is negative stress causing us psychological pressure be it transient or fleeting or something more permanent like coping a death of a loved one. Discusses the Interaction Between Oxytocin and Alcohol and How Oxytocin Can Guide to the Discovery of Sobriety Pill

LogoOver 3 million of people die every year due to alcohol-related causes. Putting it into perspective there are 5.9 % of death happening worldwide. Aside from that, countless of other adverse health effects are being endured by people that are alcohol dependent. Unfortunately, the current psychological and pharmacological treatments to alcohol-dependents are only secondarily better than the use of placebo in reducing alcohol intake. Luckily, the recent research explores the possible interactions of neuropeptide oxytocin and alcohol to offer some grounds for hopes to sobriety. Its aim is to produce a pill that can make those who are alcohol dependent to drink less, to be less intoxicated when they drink and more capable of enduring the life-threatening alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Such pill that is the product of immense research might one day exist.

New Study Reveals the Driving Motivational Forces That Help Users Maintain Sobriety in Sober Living Homes

LogoAn alcohol research group had conducted a study recently about the motivation in the substance abuse that will encourage users to quit or reduce substance use and totally embrace sobriety in sober living homes. The researchers coming from the Public Health Institute in Emeryville aims to analyze the less frequently examined factor in getting sober which is the desire to maintain sobriety after successfully achieving abstinence. Shares the Long-Term Harmful Effects of Alcoholism on the Brain

LogoDrinking alcohol has become a usual part of any celebration or social gathering, but what most people do is that they consume much more than what the body can tolerate. Due to regular consumption of such substances in quite a large volume, most people become addicted to or dependent to it; and when alcohol drinking becomes a habit it would absolutely alter the function of the human body as well as the brain. Explains the Truth About Rehabilitation Using Any of the Three Treatment Programs for Drug and Alcohol Dependents

LogoDrug and alcohol addiction is a global issue that authorities are trying to solve. Various treatment programs are introduced and funded by the national government to cater the recovery needs of the people who wanted to change the course of their life for better. Though, many drug and alcohol dependents have succeeded in achieving sobriety and in improving their quality of life, some need to return to the treatment programs because of relapse and other withdrawal symptoms. And with the possibility of a patient to leave, to relapse and to return, determining the best treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction to make recovery a success becomes questionable. Advocates the Significance of Drug Addiction Prevention to Reduce Crimes and Felonies

LogoThe use and abuse of prohibited drugs have persistently been a growing concern by almost all countries worldwide. More and more people have engaged in the illegal consumption and sales of these illicit drugs and become addicted to the substance. Moreover, there have been criminal acts and felonies that have been associated or linked with drug addiction. This may be attributed to the fact that drugs alter the perception and behavior of its users causing them to become violent and aggressive. And when people have become addicted to these substances, they develop a very strong craving thus making them commit crimes so as to satisfy their need for the drugs.

SOBA Mesa on Low-Key Service Activities: An Effective Way for Teens to Achieved Successful Rehab and Avoid Relapse from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

LogoEvery rehabilitation center and sober living community in all states has one definite goal – that is to help addicts achieved sobriety to help them get back on track. With the implications that drug and alcohol addiction may bring to people where their bodily and mental functions were impaired, finding the best treatment to improve the quality of life are now being questioned since the known 12-step programs is not a one-fits-all kind of treatment. And since addiction has been one of the prevailing issues that every nation has to face, it's not surprising that health care providers are starting to give more attention to finding the best treatment services for drug dependent teenagers.

SOBA Mesa Warns Public About the Dangers of Using Flakka: A Highly Addictive and Synthetic Drug Circulating the Streets Today

LogoThe battle to fight addiction seems a never-ending cycle now that a new synthetic drug that is considered to be the upgraded version of bath salts is now circulating the streets. The drug that is slowly becoming epidemic in different parts of the United States have stirred mixed reactions from numerous people after several reports dominate the headlines about people caught under the influence of this synthetic stimulant made from methylenedioxypyrovalerone. The effects of this drug consumed in varying amounts produce scary reactions that could last for a week. And with the constant change in the ingredients used on cracks discovered, it makes life tough for law enforcements to prosecute dealers and for doctors to treat the users as well.

Soba Recovery Center Offers Sober Living with Intensive Outpatient Treatment for an Effective Upturn from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

LogoTreatment is the first and foremost step that could help addicts get away from the illicit drugs that are destroying their relationship with their family, friends and loved ones – most importantly their life. Struggling alone with addiction is hard and almost impossible. Drug and alcohol abuse hides all its negativities to a person that makes them too dependent on it, which is why it's hard to remove it from the system. However, with Soba Recovery Center, the drug rehab Mesa AZ residents could count on, getting sobriety is possible.