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Get Tested for COVID-19 at Two New South Florida Locations

LogoCOVID-19 testing sites were recently opened for patients who may be asymptomatic in the cities of Miami Beach and Miami. Asymptomatic people may not show any noticeable symptoms of the illness that affects the respiratory system.

What to Do About Trip Cancellations

LogoBecause of COVID-19, travel has been significantly affected, resulting in delays and cancellations. For those wondering about how to proceed, a few different options may be available.

SoFLA Vacations Announces COVID-19 Housing Specialty Services

LogoSoFla Vacations is now offering COVID-19 housing consulting for Essential Lodgers in Miami-Dade County. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the county to take quick action passing restrictive ordinances for hotels including that they "not accept new reservations for persons other than Essential Lodgers". Essential Lodgers include professionals necessary to fight the pandemic as well as individuals in highly restrictive circumstances.