Software Development Resource Launches a Free Word Generator for English Words

LogoThe popularity of word builder s increased recently, as more and more people today find them very beneficial. The word generator is actually a helpful educational tool that may support students in writing more word-rich essays or other writing assignment and get higher grades. This is also an excellent tool for expanding pupil’s vocabulary in the form of game. Learning more words and using them in the daily life will make students stand out from their peers.

Cute Love Quotes Generator for All Who Wish to Show Their Love to the Special Person

LogoHaving a boyfriend or girlfriend is great, but sometimes people find it difficult to say the right words in the right moment, which makes their partners feel underestimated and not loved enough. The problem becomes even bigger on the Valentines Day, when the partner will expect a greater love manifestation than usually.

Software Development Resource Company Announces Free MOV to AVI Converter Available for Customers

LogoMOV files, also known as Quick Time files are made by Apple for video files that could be viewed with a specific player only that is still not widely spread and used. Most people are still unfamiliar with these files, so they prefer to convert them into the more convenient AVI format. With the free MOV to AVI Converter made by Software Development Resource, customers will be able to watch their favorite video files on the player they have. The AVI Converter is with a basic design, so it is easy to work with it, but still it does a great work with audio and video conversion preserving the original file quality.

Free YouTube to MP4 Converter from Softdevresource Is Now Available for Use

LogoSoftDevResource Company offers their customers to make use of their free YouTube to MP4 converter that is a valuable program for computer users. It helps them visit their favorite YouTube video only once and download it to their computer. This amazing tool converts the file in MP4 format, which enables users to watch it whenever they wish without the need to go back at YouTube.

Software Development Resource Company Has Launched Useful and Free CDA to MP3 Converter

LogoPeople who frequently load audio discs into their computer have found that the visible files are with a .cda extension, which is a typical compact disc format. It is a table of content shortcut rather than the actual audio file. It is impossible for the user to convert CDA to MP3 or to make a copy of these files into other audio formats, unless he uses a special converter.

SoftDevreSource Company Offers Their Customers a Smart and Free Video Downloader

LogoPeople who enjoy downloading different content from the Internet, would greatly benefit from the free video downloader, developed by Software Development Resource Company. Whether they prefer to download from Facebook, Youtube, Break, DailyMotion, Veoh, Metacafe, Vimeo, Vevo or other websites, the video downloader will help them do that in HD or regular quality, whatever they prefer.

Free FLV Player Created by Software Development Resource Enables Customers to View FVL Files

LogoFLV files that are also known as Flash Video files, are creates by Adobe company for watching video on the Internet. They are a container file format that plays equally well video and audio, as well as high and low quality pictures. Due to their capability to easily stream, FLV files are widely used and more websites make use of this format. Even popular video sites like YouTube and others use them.

SoftDevResource Is Now Sharing Free ePub Reader from Cnet

LogoSoftDevResource announced that its ePub Reader is available for free download to users from the trusted software distribution website Cnet. Readers can now enjoy reading their favorite eBooks using this free reader.