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Solar Light Company, LLC Presents a Guide to Polychromatic and Monochromatic DRS for SPF Analysis

LogoThe next generation of gold standard SPF Test and Measurement Solutions from Solar Light Company, LLC is coming! The new gold standard is a result of the proven study which demonstrates that HDRS (ISO/CD 23698) is a rapid, accurate and precise alternative instrumental method of analysis to ISO 24444:2019.

Solar Light Company, LLC Presents Horticultural Innovation and the Use of Light Measurement Devices with Their New Line of GrowMeters

LogoWith the cost of food and goods on the rise, there has been an increase in interest from people in growing their own produce. As the rate of innovation in horticultural farming continues to increase yields and the diversity of plants, new technologies and product capabilities for lighting and growth systems are necessary to ensure that lamps and LED banks are efficiently and effectively aiding in the production of healthier, faster growing crops.

Solar Light Company, Inc. Provides Dedicated Solutions to Support Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Protocols

LogoLearn how UVC sensors and radiometers are being utilized by healthcare industry and front-line workers

Solarmeter 6.5 UV Index Meter Named #1 UV Tester by Ezvid Wiki

LogoSolarmeter Model 8.0 UVC Meter Takes #7 Spot

Optronic Laboratories, LLC, Dba Gooch & Housego (Orlando), Asset Purchase Completed

LogoSolar Light Company, Inc. announces that the assets of Gooch and Housego (Orlando) have been acquired. The new entity will operate as Optronic Laboratories, Inc., from its facility in Orlando, Florida, USA. Optronic Laboratories, Inc. will become an affiliate of Solar Light Company, Inc.

Solar Light Gains ISO9001:2015 Accreditation

LogoSolar Light Company Inc. is happy to announce our company's accreditation to ISO9001:2015 via DEKRA Certification, Inc. The whole process was completed in under 11 months, which is a testament to the robust QMS already in place at the company. You can view a copy of the ISO Certificate here.

Solar Light Company, Inc. Announces Custom-Spectra Output Solar Simulators for SPF and Medical Research

LogoToday, Solar Light Company, Inc. announced the introduction of Retrofitable Custom Spectra Kits for its existing line of Solar Simulators in the 601-Series, LS1000-Series, and 16S-Series. As SPF and medical research continues to rapidly evolve into different wavelengths, Solar Light can quickly and affordably adapt existing simulators in the field to output custom spectra, making them indispensable tools for professional laboratory applications. Some of the company's most popular retrofit kits include:

Solar Light Company, Inc., Expands Global Commercial Operations, Adds Jeffrey W. Hall as Executive Vice President – Commercial Operations

LogoSolar Light Company, Inc., the global provider of specialized light-measuring sensors and systems for global health protection and environmental monitoring applications announces the hiring of Jeffrey Hall as Executive Vice President – Commercial Operations.

Solar Light Company, Inc. Introduces New 1000W High Energy Visible Solar Simulators

LogoSolar Light's new specialty line of HEV Solar Simulators are designed specifically for professional research in the High Energy Visible spectra. These state of the art single output HEV Solar Simulators produce solar radiation in the 400-500nm range, or that portion of the visible light spectrum that is closest to the UV band - mainly violet and blue light rays. In addition to the HEV output, they can be quickly and easily configured by the end user to provide UVA only, UVB only, UVA+B, or full spectrum sunlight optionally. Custom spectra are also available. These units are specifically designed for in vitro and in vivo clinical, medical, and photobiological studies including SPF, oxidative stress, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and melasma. Our LS1000 Models are available with 1000W output, in round or square beam sizes ranging from 5cm to 15.25cm, in compliance with laboratory standards such as ASTM, IEC, and ISO. They come complete with everything required to begin testing immediately, including Solar Simulators, Power Supplies, Automatic Dose Controllers, NIST-Traceable PMA-Series Sensors, safety glasses, and other related accessories.

New Solarmeter Model 8.0RP Digital UVC Radiometer with Remote Probe

LogoSolar Light's new Solarmeter Model 8.0RP UVC Meter combines the same NIST-traceable accuracy and reliability you're used to from the standard Model 8.0 UVC meter with a remote probe on a 3 foot (0.91 meter) cable. The probe is black anodized aluminum for maximum durability and light weight, and measures a compact 0.8" high x 1.6" diameter (20.3mm high x 40.6mm diameter.) Compared to the standard model's fixed position sensor, the remote probe provides an added measure of flexibility in positioning during measurements. This can be of critical importance in typical applications with limited space such as monitoring UVC germicidal lamp intensity and aging, measuring germicidal lamp fixture leakage, and testing eyewear UVC blocking capabilities.