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Sonic Solutions Ltd, an independently owned company specialising in providing Ultrasonic cleaning services and products to the industrial sector, are please to announce the launch of their new website

Ultrasonic Cleaning Company Sonic Solutions Reports An Increasing Trend Toward Refurbishment And Cleaning Of Machinery

In these troubled economic times amid all the talk of credit crunches and layoffs Sonic Solutions Ltd have seen an increasing trend towards refurbishment and cleaning rather than replacing. For example in laser cutting CNC machines we have cleaned the ventilation bellows of 4 different companies over the last 6 months. Likewise in the print industry we have attracted over 6 new users this year of scruffite, our descaling solution, specifically for the cleaning of plate making machinery. Both these applications have been mentioned before in our February 2009 newsletter but what is striking is this movement towards repairing and cleaning rather than replacement. It was further demonstrated by a new job we have taken on this month, the cleaning of a flame arrestor from a blue-chip chemical Company. The same factors were at work here, refurbishment rather than replacement, and attention to health, safety and environmental issues.