SP Luxury Trading Part., Ltd.

SP Luxury for Exclusive Bedding Products for Hotels and Resorts

SP Luxury is pleased to present a range of bedding products for hotels, resorts and the rest of hospitality industry. All the products are made up of the best fabrics which are procured from the top ranked fabric mill and weaving factory in Thailand. What makes the fabric special is that it is made up of the finest quality yarn which is tested for thickness and stands the toughest of laundry washes. The fabric is then woven and bleached with the help of modern equipment to make it free of link and shrinkage. The fabrics are then woven by experts to form exquisite bed linen, bed sheets, pillow covers, duvets, quilts and more. Hotels, Hoteliers and resort owners can totally depend on this company for all their bedding needs as the company promises the best quality products at all times.