Sparks Direct Electrical Wholesaler

Electrical Wholesalers Interviewed by the BBC on EU’s 60 Watt Ban

London-based electrical wholesaler Sparks Direct was recently interviewed by BBC News on the EU banning production of 60 watt light bulbs.

Sparks Shed Some Light on the Rising Cost of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Sparks Direct, a London based electrical and lighting wholesaler, has this week been featured in a Telegraph news article on how energy saving light bulbs are leaping in price. The article comes after the announcement that all standard 60-watt light bulbs will cease production from the 1st of September 2011, as part of the UK government plan to cut carbon emissions.

Sparks Direct Switches & Sockets Search Wizard Proves a Great Success

Sparks Electrical Wholesalers are situated in the heart of London and have four floors of storage space which consists of lighting and electrical goods. The showroom store (“Sparks and Lights”) has hundreds of lights on display and many skilled sales staff to assist with enquiries. Sparks Direct are distributors for many manufacturers ranging from decorative lighting to electrical cable.