Spectra Company

Destruction of Marion Davies House Laid the Foundation of the Renowned Historic Restoration Company - Spectra Company

History must not be abolished; instead, it should be protected and preserved. This was the sole idea behind the formation of Spectra Company – one of the pioneers and leaders in offering historic restoration services in California – who undertook the complex task of saving America’s greatest historical monuments in 1985.

Spectra Company Offers the Best California's Historical Renovation Services

Making sure that history is kept alive, the California-based Spectra Company now offers a range of historic renovation services including the protection, preservation and restoration of decorative painting/murals, sculptures/fountains, floors, and many other components involved in the structure.

Spectra Company Now Empowers Effective Methods for California Historic Preservation

Spectra Company is an award winning company involved in the sphere of construction with prime focus on historic restoration services and is now preserving heritage by applying its effective methods for California Historic Preservation. The organization has amassed tremendous expertise in water proofing and roofing and emerged as the leading Specialty "Historic" Contractor in the state of California. Spectra Company holds General Contractor Licenses for Nevada and California while it has also garnered certification from the Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE).