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Helping Our Patients Through COVID-19

LogoCoronavirus put life on hold for millions of people around the world.

Working at Home Due to the Coronavirus? Ergonomics Can Help to Prevent Orthopedic Injuries


For College Students, Spring Break Brings Increased Risks for Accidental Injuries

LogoTulsa students are urged to use caution over spring break. Car accidents, swimming pool accidents, falls, and overuse can all result in serious orthopedic injuries. If injuries do occur, seek treatment immediately. Not doing so could result in chronic pain and potentially permanent disabilities.

As Tulsa Tech Industry Continues to Boom, Workers at Risk for Back and Neck Pain

LogoThe booming tech industry in Tulsa means greater opportunities for residents but puts workers at risk. Sitting at a desk and looking at computer screens all day puts pressure on the back and neck.

Tulsa Officials Set New Rules to Prevent E-Scooter Injuries

LogoA recent meeting held by the Tulsa Urban and Economic Development Committee addressed issues pertaining to electric scooter injuries.

Preventing Whiplash and Other Spine Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

LogoA public safety campaign by the Tulsa Police Department is focused on preventing car accidents and the potentially serious injuries that can result. Among the most common types of injuries suffered in a crash are those impacting the back and neck. Taking some simple precautions can help minimize the risks.

Study Shows Active Lifestyle Aids Nerve Healing After Spinal Injury

LogoStaying active is a proven way to protect your health. Regular exercise and hobbies such as walking or bicycling increase flexibility and keep muscles strong. An April 10, 2019 report by Science Daily indicates regular activity can also protect you if spinal injuries occur. According to a team of researchers, routine exercise can help to 'prime' nerve cells. This makes it easier for the damaged nerves to regenerate themselves.

As Pharmaceutical Company Announces Opioid Addiction Center in Tulsa, Doctors Seek Other Means of Helping Patients Manage Pain

LogoA major pharmaceutical company recently announced plans to launch an addiction treatment center in Tulsa as part of an agreement with the state to help those suffering from opioid pain medication dependency.

More Effective Diagnostics and Aging Population Fuels Increase in Spinal Fusion Surgery in Oklahoma

LogoIn Oklahoma nearly 20 percent of the population is over the age of 60 and roughly 40 percent of these suffer from chronic pain and limited mobility issues.

Dog Walkers Beware: Study Shows Bone Breaks on Rise Among Older Adults

LogoThe number of bone breaks associated with the activity has more than doubled over the past ten years. According to a report published in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) on March 6, 2019; researchers sought to uncover some of the most common reasons for an increase of bone breaks and other orthopedic injuries among older adults. These types of injuries are often listed as one of the leading causes of emergency room visits among adults aged 65 and over.