SPJ Lighting Inc.

SPJ Lighting Offers New Warranty

LogoSPJ Lighting now offers an unconditional 20-year warranty on all Forever Bright LED landscape Lighting Systems, in addition to their current warranties. The Forever Bright systems range from square path lights, to wall lights that have more trained beams.

SPJ Lighting Offers 20-Year Warranty on Forever Bright Lighting Systems

LogoSPJ Lighting, the industry’s leader in architectural lighting, is happy to announce that they will now offer a 20-year warranty on all LED components in their stylish and environmentally-friendly Forever Bright Lighting Systems. Their no hassle guarantee stands behind the quality of the huge selection of LED landscape lighting choices available from their Forever Bright line.

SPJ Lighting Announces Their Made in USA Certified Products

LogoSPJ Lighting, a premier manufacturer of architectural lighting and lighting equipment, is pleased to announce that their products are certified 100% made in the USA. All of their light fixtures are made in the USA and built with high quality solid brass, copper, and stainless steel.

SPJ Lighting Inc. Adds the SPJ-Alpha 12 Light to Its Product Range

LogoSPJ Lighting is pleased to offer the stylish and durable Alpha 12 to its ever-growing wide selection of landscape and architectural lighting. The sleek design and brilliant new lamp style put the Alpha 12 in a class all its own.

SPJ Lighting Announces New Warranty Policy

LogoSPJ Lighting, one of the leading retailers and installers of LED landscape lighting, today announced new and improved warranty policies on some of their most popular products. This includes a lifetime warranty on all SPJ Lighting-branded products. Shoppers looking for Forever Bright LED landscape lighting will enjoy an extended two-year warranty on these products and components including labor compensation per fixture.

SPJ Lighting Forever Bright Lighting System Warrantee

LogoSPJ Lighting recently introduced a new unconditional 20-year warrantee on their Forever Bright Lighting Systems, including inside and outside recessed step lighting, hanging and party lamps, garden lanterns and other lighting systems. Click on the link for information on outdoor landscape lighting.

As LED Lighting Use Grows Exponentially, Industry Pioneer SPJ Lighting Helps Meet Demand

LogoSouthern California-based SPJ Lighting, a pioneer in LED lighting, is scaling up production to meet growing consumer demand. Suddenly, LED - which stands for Light Emitting Diode - is an even lower-energy, Mercury-free alternative to compact fluorescents. A quick glance at the news demonstrates LEDs are being used everywhere: 25,000 of them were used to light up the Bay Bridge in San Francisco for its 75th anniversary, and a million LEDs were used for artwork and lighting at the Dallas Omni Hotel. In historic Canon City, Colorado, Main Street will be re-lit with LED lighting, while a tower in Miami is using them for public artwork. SPJ began with distributing lighting for landscape decorating and renovation, and quickly moved to manufacture in order to insure the high quality of its components.