Spokane Dentures & Dentistry

Spokane Dentures & Dentist Now Provides General Dentistry

Spokane Dentures & Dentistry is delighted to announce that they are now offering general dentistry from their local office in Spokane. The company formerly operates as an onsite dental lab providing dentures and partial dental needs. They have recently added general dentistry to their services with the aim of becoming a complete and comprehensive dental clinic in Spokane. According to their website, Spokanedenturesanddentistry.com, the company wishes to provide their clients with all their dental needs such as removal of dental plaque, routine dental cleaning, dental implants and many more. New patients are offered a comprehensive oral exam which includes digital X-rays and gum disease charting. All dental procedures are carried out by licensed and skilled professionals. A video from their website details the level of their services in terms of quality and professionalism that the dental clinic has to offer. Interested clients can schedule an appointment through their website.