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Fast Growing Social Media App Takes the Pressure out of First Dates, Pays for Couples to Dine Out

LogoLet's face it. First dates can be nerve-racking—especially when the bill finally arrives at the end of a meal. Who pays? The reality is there's no clear-cut etiquette on who picks up the dreaded first date tab.

Experienced Texas Attorney Stresses the Importance of Estate Planning in New Book

LogoIn Taylor Phillip Willingham’s “Do I Need a Will or a Trust,” the respected lawyer carefully breaks down the difference between wills and trusts while urging people to stop waiting until the last minute to get their affairs in order.

Global Health & Peace Philosopher Reveals the Key to Happiness, Inner Solace in New Book

LogoIn author Patrick Ehler’s new book titled “Intuition Routine,” he unveils his ‘10 Point Intuition Cell-Awareness Method’ to help others live a life void of negative energy.