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RationalPlan Project Management Software Is Now Available in Spanish

LogoRationalPlan version 3.25 was just released. The most important thing to be mentioned in the new version is the availability in Spanish language. Other features include the addition of a new resource type - cost resource, the possibility to sort clients and resources, better notification mechanisms, improved printing and much more.

New Features Added in Version 3.24 for RationalPlan Project Management Software

LogoRationalPlan version 3.24 was just released. Many new features were added like the possibility to work with custom filters, to attach documents or to use rich text editors on tasks. More reports are available now in multiple languages and as a bonus a preview capability is also present. Another thing that deserves to be mentioned is the compatibility with the latest Java version 1.7.

MOOS Project Viewer 2.4 – A New Microsoft Project Viewer Version Available

LogoStand By Soft is pleased to announce the release of MOOS Project Viewer in French language. Besides this major change some other features were added like support for estimated task durations, more columns for tasks and support for MS Project 2007 .mpp files that were obtained by converting them from Microsoft Project 2010.

RationalPlan Project Management Software 3.22 Is Available With Stronger Server Privacy Options

LogoRationalPlan project management suite version 3.22 added support for custom roles and rights for its Project Server module and the possibility for users to work from different timezone locations world wide. More reporting capabilities, easier to use and more intuitive interface, improved Microsoft Project integration and many more useful features were added. All these also available in German and French language.

New Features Added in Version 3.21 for RationalPlan Project Management Software

LogoThe new version for the project management suite RationalPlan from Stand By Soft comes with additional features like better reporting capabilities, improved Microsoft Project integration, more undo and redo actions, online launch from browser and much more. And all these are now also available in Dutch language.

MOOS Project Viewer a Microsoft Project Viewer Is Available in Italian Language

LogoStarting with version 2.2 MOOS Project Viewer is also available in Italian language. Plus a new important feature was added so that users can now filter tasks by various criteria and get better presentation results.

RationalPlan Project Management Software Translated to Italian Language

LogoStarting with current version RationalPlan products are also available in Italian language.

RationalPlan Project Management Software Version 3.20 Is Officially Launched

LogoStand By Soft announces the new release of RationalPlan Project Management Software. The new version 3.20 comes with many new features like filters on tasks, better Microsoft Project integration, increased execution time, easier to use interface and the list continues.

Project Management Software from RationalPlan Is Now Compatible With Microsoft Project 2010

LogoStand By Soft is pleased to announce that its project management software suite RationalPlan is now compatible with Microsoft Project 2010.

Project Management Server Solution from RationalPlan Is Officially Launched

LogoRationalPlan Project Server is a concurrent user project management software developed to improve the RationalPlan suite by adding a server module that gives concurrent access to a central project data repository.