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European Society for Trauma & Dissociation President, Speaking at Self Harm National Conference

It has been confirmed that Rémy Aquarone, M.Sc., President of European Society For Trauma & Dissociation, will be a featured keynote speaker at the Self Harm National Conference, The conference is being presented by Step Up International, on Friday 07, December 2012, Oxford.

Self Harm National Conference Sets National Autistic Society Speaker, Caroline Hattersley

Step Up International has planned the Self Harm National Conference,, to address the alarming problem that is sweeping across the UK, as well as the rest of the world. “An important but often over looked area of self harm incidents is from autistic persons.” Jennifer McLeod, Director of Step Up! International said.

Self Harm Prevention National Conference Set, as Hospital Admissions Increase Last Three Years

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), recently reported that UK hospital admissions for intentional self harm have increased by just over 10%, in the last three years.