Sterling Helicopter

Sterling Helicopter and Airbus Announce New Partnership with Superior Helicopter

Industry leaders Sterling Helicopter and Airbus have announced that they have partnered with Superior Helicopter in signing the first North American HCare Infinite contract. As it stands, this is the first HCare contract in the world to be secured via a partnership with an Airbus-approved service center (Sterling Helicopter).

Sterling Helicopter Attending the 2019 HAI HELI-EXPO

Philadelphia's leading FAA repair station, Sterling Helicopter is attending this year's HAI HELI-EXPO as an exhibitor. The event is held in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 4-7, 2019. Those interested in visiting the company's exhibitor booth can ask to be directed to booth #C2103 when they arrive.

Sterling Helicopter Is Excited for the Future of VR in Helicopter Design

Sterling Helicopter is excited to announce that the helicopter design process may become faster and more cost-efficient by incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Bell recently used VIVE VR and partnered with the 3D design and production agency Sector 5 Digital to craft their revolutionary FXC-001 helicopter.

Sterling Helicopter to Exhibit at the HAI HELI-EXPO 2018 in Las Vegas

As one of the leading helicopter repair centers on the East Coast, Sterling Helicopter is proud to announce that they will be an exhibitor at the HAI HELI-EXPO2 2018, the world's largest annual helicopter trade show and exposition. Held in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the exhibit opens Feb. 27 and wraps up on March 1.

Sterling Helicopter Continues to Offer Round-the-Clock Aircraft Support in 2018

Sterling Helicopter is Philadelphia's only heliport that is available for the public to use. In business for more than 33 years, this company is able to service a vast array of makes and models. Sterling Helicopter also offers round-the-clock emergency aircraft on ground (AOG) maintenance for helicopters in need of timely repairs.

Sterling Helicopter Provides Authorized Helicopter Repair Service

When helicopter operators are in need of Bell helicopter maintenance, they need a company that can provide superior customer service and highly-skilled technicians to get the job done right. That's why countless people have turned to Sterling Helicopter for their helicopter maintenance needs. Those in need of service are urged to contact the company, as they provide authorized helicopter repair service as well as 24/7 AOG emergency service.

Sterling Helicopter Dedicated to Putting the Client First

Owners, operators and maintainers who have been searching for the right helicopter repair center do not have to look any further. Sterling Helicopter is helping new clients who are in need of trained technicians to perform maintenance and repairs on their helicopters.

Sterling Helicopter Proud to Offer Garmin Avionic Installations and Upgrades

Helicopter owners, maintainers and operators who pride themselves on being up-to-date with the latest safety and technology that will keep them safe in the skies are encouraged to contact Sterling Helicopter, a leading helicopter repair station, and inquire about the latest releases from Garmin Aviation and flyGarmin.

Sterling Helicopter: Providing Unmatched Service Since 1984

Sterling Helicopter, a leading company for helicopter maintenance, has been a major player in the aviation game since they opened up shop in 1984 thanks to the vision and devotion of Chairman Jack Brown.

Sterling Helicopter Is Philadelphia's Only Public Heliport

Sterling Helicopter was founded in 1984 when its Chairman (Jack Brown's) vision became a reality. The company is professional and friendly which has led to its rapid growth and maintaining the status of being the only public use heliport in Philadelphia. Sterling Helicopter's expanding reputation is due to their high-level helicopter repair and their array of helicopter service offerings at an affordable rate. The organization services aircraft from across the world and abides by the guidelines of the governing agency both locally and internationally.