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Stonewoods – Leading Suppliers of Antique Fireplaces and Accessories

Stonewoods is one of the UK's most leading providers of fireplaces, renowned throughout the industry for their phenomenal and varied collections. However, one thing that many people do not know is that the company don't only offer the widest selection of modern and contemporary fireplaces such as gas and electric fires but also specialise in the supply of antique fireplaces.

Meet the Stonewoods Team Online Today

Stonewoods, one of the UK's leading providers of high-quality fireplaces, has now made it possible for their customers to get to know their team online in order to allow their customers to feel more at ease when shopping at Stonewoods.

Stonewoods Affiliate Brands and Partners

Stonewoods, one of the UK's leading fireplace providers is known throughout the industry for the incredibly vast and varied range of fireplaces which they offer at all times, enabling absolutely all people regardless of their individual needs and requirements to find fireplaces that they can fall in love with.

Stonewoods 20% off Sale: Starting April 3rd

Leading fireplace provider stonewoods has recently announced that they are going to be holding another sale. The current sale in which the company have on has been taken advantage of by many – Making the company realise just how many people really want to update their fireplaces. This made them realise that they should boast more sales for people to take advantage of, and to show their customers just how much they appreciate them.

As Britain Faces a Freezing February, Stonewoods Offer Solutions to Assist All

As many people started to think that we were seeing the end of the freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions, news has come in that we are going to be facing one of the coldest, if the coldest, February on record. And with this in mind, one leading fireplace provider, Stonewoods, are offering many of their impressive fireplaces and stoves at discounted prices, allowing for people to stay warm for smaller prices.

Stonewoods Showroom Now Back Open for Business

After a brief closure for Christmas and New Year, the fabulous Stonewoods fireplace showroom is now back open for business – Available for people to visit at their own perils to browse one of the most extensive and impressive collections of fireplaces that can be seen in any one place.

Stonewoods Urge All to Consider Getting Their New Fireplaces in the New Year

All of a sudden it is nearly Christmas and although there is not much time left for people to get new fireplaces and stoves installed in their homes this year one leading supplier of fireplaces, Stonewoods, are urging all to consider getting them installed in the New Year instead of waiting till next Christmas to start looking again.

Stonewoods Now Offering Huge Discounts in Time for Christmas

Christmas is on the way, and in line with this many people are currently seeking log burning stoves to add to their homes in order to create the perfect Christmas ambience. Luckily for all one of the UK's leading providers of stoves and fireplace, Stonewoods, is now offering a range of special offers, with up to 50% off selected items, allowing for people to get their hands on fireplaces affordably in the run up to Christmas.

Stonewoods: Get New Fire Before Christmas

People are now looking to get new fires and log burning stoves in their homes, in order to ensure that their homes are going to be warm and cosy in time for Christmas. In line with this Stonewoods, a leading provider of fireplaces and everything related has shared their fire buying process with all, to allow people to understand the importance of choosing their fireplaces.

Stonewoods: Offering the Greatest Collection of Antique Fireplaces on the Market

Stonewoods, an established London based company which offers fireplaces, stoves and accessories of a wide variety are renowned throughout the fireplace industry for their great products and low prices. However, one thing that many people are unaware of is that Stonewoods actually offers one of the greatest collections on antique fireplaces available.