Streamware Development

Make Perfect Copies of All Your Disks

Nowadays DVD and CD disks became a part of our lifestyle, most of us have a significant collection of DVD movies, audio CDs, photos, games, office documents and other disks. And it's very often that you need to make a copy of that disks, for backup purposes or simply to make a couple of copies of your wedding video for your friends. There are many programs that can copy your DVD movies, but very few of those which can copy all your disks, both CD and DVD.

Make Your Phone Sound on Your Own With One-click Ringtone Converter

When you deal with your own cell phone, you always want it to have something special - a ringtone, for example. Of course you can find and buy your favorite ringtones from one of those online services paying for each short melody you've got. Or even use ringtones came with your phone. However there is a better way out! Now you can create your own ringtones without limitations easier than ever before with new software product from Streamware Development - One-click Ringtone Converter.