Streator Tire and Repair, Inc.

Streator Tire and Repair Offers Comprehensive Auto Repair Services for Streator, IL Residents

LogoStreator Tire and Repair in Streator, IL offers local residents a one-stop solution for their entire automotive repair, diagnostics, and roadside assistance needs in one location. Through more than a decade in business, Streator Tire and Repair has become a trusted name in the local area for quality and affordable auto repair services.

Automotive Experts in Streator, IL Offer Affordable Tire Repair Services

LogoStreator Tire and Repair is giving vehicle owners in Streator, IL a more affordable option to tire replacement in the instance of a puncture, leak, or flat. With their expert tire repair services, the auto care professionals at Streator Tire and Repair can get customer's tires back in working and safe condition for a fraction of the cost of having to replace the whole tire.

Streator Tire and Repair, Inc. Introduces New Promotion for Free Oil Change

LogoThe auto care specialists at Streator Tire and Repair, Inc. in Streator, IL recently introduced a new promotion that is offering local customers the chance to get a free oil change for their vehicle. For a limited time, loyal customers who come to Streator Tire and Repair, Inc. for five oil changes will get the sixth oil change for free. This is just one of many ways that the professionals at Streator Tire and Repair, Inc. are striving to help their local customers feel valued and appreciated.

Streator Tire and Repair Inc. Is the Go-to Automotive Repair Shop in Streator, Illinois

LogoTaking your car in for a repair shouldn't be a task that makes us uneasy but in most cases it does. We've all heard story after story of auto mechanics being dishonest and over-charging their clientele but luckily there are some shops we can depend on. Cary Brown, owner and operator of Streator Tire and Repair, has had a passion for cars since the age of 12 and now has a passion for helping the people of his community through what he knows best, automotive repair.

Streator Tire and Repair, Inc. Reflects on 11 Years Providing Quality Auto Repair Services to the Community

LogoCary Bryan, owner and operator of Streator Tire And Repair, Inc. of Streator, IL has a long history of love for cars and trucks. Growing up reading Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines, his passion for working on cars began under the tutelage of his father, starting his mechanic apprenticeship at the age of 12 and later driving and hauling bricks with him, working on the trucks side by side on the weekends. His resume is a long list of auto-related professions, from gas stations to muscle car restorations. This ambition to surround himself with autos and their maintenance was the driving motivation behind Streator Tire And Repair, Inc. founded in November of 2005.