SuccessTMS Welcomes Dr. Lindsay Israel, MD to Their Treatment Staff

The team at SuccessTMS is very excited to announce the addition of Florida native, Dr. Lindsay Israel, MD to their transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment center. Dr. Israel will be bringing her hands-on experience in psychiatry to SuccessTMS as their new Chief Medical Officer & Medical Director.

Beat Depression with TMS Therapy from SuccessTMS

SuccessTMS, a premier transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy provider, aims to do more than offer a traditional solution to a deeper problem. TMS therapy, an FDA-cleared therapy, has been proven to reduce, and in many cases, eliminate symptoms of depression in people who follow the initial six-week treatment schedule. There is significant proof that this treatment works, and its noninvasive and low side-effect nature is allowing it to gain traction as the most effective procedure in treating depression. In fact, over 300 million people in the US have insurance policies that cover TMS Therapy.