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Famous Frames Artists Win at Golden Globes

Storyboards, conceptual design artwork, promotional materials are all important facets of creating successful movies and TV shows, but these contributions are often not considered when it comes to awards season. Famous Frames, Inc. is the world's premier agency for storyboard artists, designers and illustrators, credit the valuable contributions made by their clients by showcasing the work of those working on Golden Globe nominated projects in 2016.

Famous Frames Redesigns Website to Make Browsing and Sharing Images Easier Than Ever

In a recent interview on his body of work, Ridley Scott said that storyboarding was the most crucial element of the film making process, one that not only allowed him to double the budget for films like Alien by convincing producers where the film was headed, but also allowed him to stay on budget and on schedule during production. Famous Frames, Inc. is the world's foremost agency for storyboard artists and illustrators, and they have just transformed their website to provide a browsing experience worthy of their clients' famous work.