Sun Charge Systems

Sun Charge Systems Educates Public on Useful Nature of Portable Charging Stations

LogoAs America prepares for a new chapter in its history with the election of its 45th President, green initiatives continue to get plenty of attention. From individuals looking to better their homes to companies seeking improved facilities, initiatives to save the Earth's precious resources have come out of the dark and into the light. One such company at the forefront of energy-saving devices is Sun Charge Systems. Their solar-powered stations are changing the way people use their tech devices in the world today. They hope to show people the power of solar panels, and how they are slowly but surely changing the way energy is used in society.

Sun Charge Systems Provides Phone Charging Stations for PokemonGo Players at Birmingham Zoo Event

LogoOn July 6, 2016, the world of Pokemon was reintroduced to trainers in the United States with the release of the uber-popular app, PokemonGo. For many weeks, players spent money in the app, buying extra pokeballs, bags, and lures to further their quest of catching them all – to the tune of $160 million by the end of July. Though interest in the game has dwindled of late, many die hard players have continued to play, battling at gyms and catching rare Pokemon as they walk. Recently, Sun Charge Systems got in on the action when they helped the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama with their PokemonGo event: PikaZoo! Admission to the zoo was just $5 on Sunday, September 25 as players were encouraged to drop by between 4-7pm. Sun Charge provided two charging stations to help trainers keep their phones charged as they traversed the grounds of the zoo.

Landscape Architect Magazine Recognizes Sun Charge Systems Inc. in Latest Article

LogoAll across the country and the world you will discover the handiwork of landscape architects. These men and women analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the built and natural environments we find ourselves in. They are an integral part of our society, and play a vital role in the shaping the world around us. Each month, the Landscape Architect Magazine chronicles the profession in North America. In June of 2016 they highlighted the efforts of Calhoun Community College in Decatur, Alabama with an article titled Smart Campus Tech. This briefing detailed the steps the college has taken in recent years in an effort to go green and reduce its carbon footprint. One of their primary projects required the help of Sun Charge Systems, who installed their solar power charging stations all over the campus.

Sun Charge Systems Expands to Service Five States, with More Planned

LogoThe ubiquitous nature of cell phones, tablets, and other electronic technologies has created the need for more ways to keep these devices afloat. From charging stations at airports to car chargers to external battery chargers – all of them exist specifically to help our batteries stay alive. But the fact remains that there are plenty of places where charging a phone is simply not feasible. That is precisely where Sun Charge Systems Inc. comes into play. Their remote charging stations are the perfect fix for people spending extended periods of time outdoors and away from outlets. Most recently, the company has expanded their groundbreaking charging stations into five states. Currently, phone and tablet junkies can get their charge on in Alabama, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Indiana; with further expansion planned for the coming months and years.

Charging Into the Future with Sun Charge Systems

LogoLiving a technology-based life has become a reality for millennials and the generations to come. With games to play and social media to update, it is no longer a rare sight to see even elementary aged kids with their cell phones! The incredible increase mobile devices in our world means a growing need for electrical outlets to keep batteries running smoothly. Sun Charge Systems has been the leader in capitalizing on and supplying this developing market. Instead of contributing to the already polluted atmosphere, they have found a way to utilize the most abundant power of all: solar energy. Their Solar Powered Charging Station is an environmentally friendly, self-contained power system that is changing the way people use their devices.