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Supermodels Unlimited Magazine Proudly Presents: DIVERSITY ROCKS

LogoNew York Fashion Week (NYFW) is back and more viral than ever. Fashion has proven time and again that it isn't immune to societal issues. This season as NYFW stomps out across the city, socially distancing itself from Spring Studios to Battery Park, Supermodels Unlimited Magazine(SU) is taking a moment to kneel down and lace up their ballet heels to remind us that not everything should return to normal. There are some injustices that need to end, and what better time to shine a light on these travesties than while the world is healing and learning from its missteps. SU feels every designer should be given a moment to shine, no matter their skin color, or neighborhood. "Diversity in fashion is a celebration of talents and design amongst a community of representation that allows every person to see someone like them have a big moment while showing strength in coming together, to display the beauty in all types of individuals. Diversity is key to true worldly influence and connection," says Jordan Kimball from The Bachelorette, & Bachelor in Paradise. "The stage should always mirror the audience."

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine Hosts New York Fashion Week Event for Shatterproof

LogoOver the last two years, survivors, celebrities, and families affected by the opioid crisis have come forward to share their stories. As decades of medical neglect come to light, large pharmaceutical companies and government bodies are finally taking notice. The fashion industry is no stranger to addiction and in the true spirit of New York Fashion Week, Supermodels Unlimited Magazine will honor those lost to the disease of addiction and celebrate those living in recovery by showcasing a collection of little blue dresses on September 7, 2019. The LBD Movement is a celebrity fashion showcase held seasonally during New York Fashion Week that highlights national issues facing teens and young adults.

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine Hosts Miami Fashion Show for Children in Need

LogoOn June 1st Supermodels Unlimited Magazine(SU) is hosting a celebrity runway benefit for the Voices for Children Foundation. The Epic Swim Show will kickoff Swim Week festivities a full month early, to bring more focus and awareness to the charity and their important work in South Florida. Voices for Children improves the lives of children in foster care. In the life of every child, there should be at least one adult that stands as his or her hero. Usually, that hero is their mother or father. Unfortunately, there are over 2,000 children in the Miami-Dade foster care system who have no heroes in their lives, and whose voices often go unheard.

Supermodels Standing Against Suicide: The #YOLO Show

LogoSupermodels Unlimited Hosts NYFW Show Benefiting Suicide Prevention Organization for LGBTQ Youth, The Trevor Project