Survival Warehouse Introduce Range of Freeze Dried Fruit for Those Preparing for the Worst

Whether going on a camping trip, climbing foreign peaks or getting ready for the end of the civilized world, survival rations form an essential component of preparedness. However, the fashion for these products has seen them lean toward luxury goods and novelty, forgoing the basic principles of survival food of keeping the body healthy. Survival Warehouse has introduced extensive lines of nutritious rations from Survival Cave.

Survival Warehouse React to AR-15 Controversy by Giving Away Free Rifle as a Snub to the Liberals

Following recent shooting incidents that have made headlines around the world, America has been embroiled in a bitter debate over controversial plans to ban semi automatic weapons like the AR-15 along with high capacity magazines that contain increased amounts of ammunition. The proposed solution of a ban on semi automatic weapons has pro-gun proponents up in arms and perhaps none more so than owner Jeff Mann, who has responded to the controversy by offering to give away a free AR-15 to one lucky entrant.

Survival Warehouse Makes 'Last Great Expansion' as Sales of Apocalypse Survival Supplies Reach Fever Pitch

After the inauguration of President Barack Obama for a second term, and the recent negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff, the outlook for America looks bleaker than ever in the eyes of many. Some of the most vocal of these are so-called ‘Preppers’, individuals who are now feverishly preparing themselves for a life after the end of civilised America, stocking up on emergency essentials. Survival Warehouse supplies emergency food and supplies, including freeze dried food, water purification tablets, cooking tools and survival kits. Their sales are increasing at such a rapid pace, they have had to increase their storage capacity and facilities.

Survival Warehouse Mocks Government Policy with Food Card Scheme

Recently, the United States government has come under criticism as food stamp usage has risen to record highs. While some believe the figure is an indication of the necessity for such government subsidy in difficult economic times, others see it as a harbinger of a coming financial meltdown. As the Fiscal Cliff approaches, Survival Warehouse have taken to extreme measures to assure the survival of those they feel deserve a spot in whatever comes after the fall.

Survival Warehouse Reports Local Preppers Are Stocking Up on Emergency Essentials

The Post-Election period is almost always followed by a period of hysteria, especially in closely fought and bitter battles like the one between Romney and Obama. What seems to be new in this cycle however is the degree to which voters are taking the result personally. Reports of individuals committing suicide over the election results came in quickly, but other reports are more sinister than tragic- one woman ran over her husband for voting Democrat in the election. Survival Warehouse has been on the receiving end of skyrocketing business as the greatest troubles seem to lie ahead. Announce a 1000% Increase in Sales as US Consumers Prepare for Civil Unrest

The vast majority of Americans have a great deal of faith in the stability of the Federal government, but a growing number are becoming concerned about an impending crisis that could put the continuity of governance in doubt. Igor Panarin, a noted Russian political scientist and strategic forecaster, has predicted martial law in America before the end of the year. Even those who have previously had complete faith in the government have sat up and taken notice of this expert’s grim foreboding. Helps Survivalists Prepare for the Worst

In the western world, most people can reasonably assume that their basic survival needs will be met, but this is dependent on the proper functioning of society. A growing number of people are preparing for survival should society collapse due to war or perhaps more likely because of financial Armageddon. Survivalists were once a small group but with the financial collapse more and more people are preparing for the unthinkable.