SVAVO Auto Liquid Dispenser to Launch on Indiegogo

LogoThe crowdfunding campaign of SVAVO auto liquid dispenser V-475 will be officially launched on Indiegogo on September 21, 2020. Auto liquid dispenser V-475 is a new intelligent product developed by SVAVO, aiming to provide smart and convenient hand hygiene solutions for modern people. SVAVO sensor hand soap dispenser V-475 will cause a stir in the industry because it integrates intelligence and hygiene. It will be glad to know that a variety of amazing discounts will be offered in the crowdfunding campaign. The smart sensor hand soap dispenser starts at $39.99, but a 50% discount will be offered on Indiegogo.

SVAVO Launches the New Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser

LogoNon-contact mode is slowly infiltrating into life as a result of more attention was paid on hygiene since the outbreak of the COVID-19. What is noteworthy is the fact that intelligence contributed to non-contact mode plays a significant role in epidemic containing. Among a large number of enterprises that combine intelligence with product innovation, SVAVO launches the new touchless hand soap dispenser to bring people a more comfortable life.