Artificial Grass for Sale at Six Prime Locations of Synthetic Grass Store

Recognized by the leading synthetic grass manufacturers domestically and internationally, Synthetic Grass Store is a storehouse of quality and design to uplift your residential and commercial property.

Get the Finest Quality Synthetic Grass and Turf at Synthetic Grass Store

Synthetic Grass Store is Arizona's first true synthetic grass super store offering a variety of grass options perfect for residential and commercial/corporate establishments. The store has partnered with the some industries most respected turf suppliers and manufacturers, locally and internationally. Products procured from these partnerships offer clients an opportunity to recreate their own custom turf, befit for any occasion.

Synthetic Grass Store Offering Free Golf Consultations

The Synthetic Grass Store, one of the nation's largest distributors of artificial turf, is offering golf enthusiasts free information and sample turf to show them the benefits of using these products for golf courses, putting greens and more. Property owners who wish to transform a designed area or even their back yard into a miniature golf course can utilize this surface because it's durable, can be installed quickly and requires minimum maintenance. The demand has been highest in areas like Arizona and California, areas that suffer from extended periods of drought and have minimal water to use for lawn maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Store Featuring Pet-Friendly Options

The Synthetic Grass Store has added detailed information to their site regarding the pet-friendliness of all their artificial turf products.

FREE Samples from the Synthetic Grass Store

The Synthetic Grass Store, the largest stocking wholesale distributors of artificial turf in Arizona with also the greatest selection to choose from, has announced that they will provide free samples of their products. This campaign is designed to make shopping online easier and more convenient for customers. Rather than having to make the decision online, free samples are available to help confirm the best grass and look for the customer. Contractor and landscape specialists throughout the region have requested samples to show their clients, and the feedback we are getting has been very positive, says Stephen, owner of The Synthetic Grass Store.