Syntheway Updates Its Virtual Flute VST Instrument Software to 2.1

Syntheway Is proud to announce DAL Flute VSTi v2.1, a virtual woodwind VST instrument dor VST Windows and FST Linux hosts.

Syntheway Introduces Organux VSTi Version 1.1, an Organ Emulation VST Instrument for VST Windows and FST Linux Hosts

Syntheway updates its Virtual Organ VST plug-in to 1.1 version, designed for creating a wide range of classic and modern organ sounds.

Syntheway Introduces Magnus Choir VSTi Version 1.6, a Choir Emulation VST Instrument for Windows

Syntheway is proud to present Magnus Choir v1.6 VSTi a virtual instrument plug-in which can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs, using a combination of synthesis and sampling.

Syntheway Announces Harmodion VSTi Software, a Drawbar Organ and Free Reed Aerophone Instrument Synthesizer

Syntheway is proud to present Harmodion a software synthesizer to emulate instruments like Drawbar Organ, Harmonium, Reed Organ, Accordion and Bandoneon.

Syntheway Introduces Zephyrus VSTi v1.1 Hybrid Synthesizer Software - Analog Synthesis and SoundFont Oscillator

Syntheway is proud to present Zephyrus v1.1 a hybrid synthesizer that combines an analog synthesis engine and SoundFont oscillator to produce complex pads and background sounds.

Syntheway Introduces Aeternus Brass: Trumpet VSTi, Cornet VSTi, Trombone VSTi, Tuba VSTi, French Horn VSTi, Flugelhorn VSTi

Syntheway releases Aeternus Virtual Brass VST instrument, featuring solo Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Flugelhorn as well as Brass Sections and Orchestral Ensemble.

Syntheway Introduces Master Hammond B3 VSTi v2.2 Software Based on the Legendary B3 Organ

Syntheway is proud to present Master Hammond B3 v2.2 VSTi an Organ emulation VST instrument for VST Windows and FST Linux hosts.

Syntheway Releases Realistic Virtual Piano For VST Hosts Based On The Yamaha And Kawai Grand Pianos.

Syntheway is proud to announce Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi an Acoustic Grand Piano Emulation for Windows and Linux O.S.

Syntheway Releases RetroMagix Harpsichord VST Instrument Software

Syntheway releases RetroMagix, a Virtual Harpsichord VSTi based on the Flemish models, designed for creating a wide range of Harpsichord sounds.

Syntheway Announces Percussion Kit VSTi, A Collection Of Percussion Instruments For Windows And Linux OS.

Syntheway Percussion Kit is a collection of percussion instruments designed for creating Orchestral Percussion, Auxiliary Percussion, Mallet Percussion, Latin Percussion and African Percussion.