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Tacticalvantage.com Brings to You the Complete Package for All Your Survival and Firearm Needs

Tacticalvantage.com is a dedicated online portal that showcases a wide range of firearm parts and accessories along with survival gears and tools to have a safe living. A shooter understands the significance of owning optics and rifle scopes and when it is manufactured by PFI, it cannot get any better. At the same time, as the saying goes ‘Precaution is better than cure’, we all strive very hard to protect our loved ones and our families from unexpected situations, Tactical vantage will come handy when planning to invest in the finest survival gear.

Tactical Vantage Now Offers PFI Scopes, Based on Premier Quality Specs from Military Optics Models

Tactical Vantage, a leading online retailer of firearms and accessories, is now offering high quality PFI scopes which are based on same specifications as used by the military. The PFI RR Revolution series is already being considered as one of the most precise rifle scopes available for civilians in the industry.

Leading Firearms and Accessories Provider Tactical Vantage Offers Latest PFI RR Evolution Scopes

Tactical Vantage, one of the most popular online retailers of firearms and accessories, has recently added the highly demanded PFI RR Evolution scopes to their extensive inventory. The evolution scopes by Pride Fowler Industries has gained immense praise amongst militaries, law enforcement teams and sportsmen around the world for their no margin of error, extreme durability and ease of use.

Tactical Vantage Adds Magazines and Rifle Stocks to Its Extensive Inventory

Tactical Vantage, a popular online retailer providing firearms parts and accessories, has recently added various magazines & clips and rifle stocks to their extensive inventory. The company, which has also made their website multilingual with addition of French, Spanish, German and Italian languages, has quickly become immensely popular amongst gun enthusiasts around the world for providing products that are highly demanded.

Tactical Vantage Now Offers High Capacity Magazines for the Marlin 795 Chambered in .22LR

Tactical Vantage, a leading provider of various firearms parts and accessories, is now offering 3 variants of magazines for the Marlin 795 auto loading chambered in .22LR. The 3 different magazines – the 25 RD, 55 RD and 70 RD can now be ordered online via the company’s website. Tactical Vantage has recently gained immense success for its high quality products and for its extensive database of merchandise.

Leading Firearms Parts & Accessories Provider Tactical Vantage Offers the Latest Mosin Nagant Stock

Tactical Vantage, a company dedicated in providing parts and accessories of various firearms, is now offering the latest stock for the popular rifle Mosin Nagant. The stock for the rifle that has been used in both World Wars and many other defining wars was introduced by Archangel Manufacturing during the Shot Show 2013. Tactical Vantage informed that this stock is one of a kind as it allows the rifle to have a detachable magazine with optional upgrade to 10 rounds. The company further informed that they are also providing various parts and accessories of the stock through their website.