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Talk Stream Live Releases the TSL Top 25 Streaming Talk Shows for Third Quarter of 2014

LogoMichael Savage remains the undisputed #1 top talker once again and shatters all streaming talk radio ratings and records held and compiled by Talk Stream Live. Savage has achieved an unprecedented 25 share, the highest TSL has ever recorded. He has significantly increased his lead surpassing all other talk contenders. Talk Stream Live tracks streaming listenership online and on mobile devices for over 2,000 talk shows and used a sample size of 1.3 million listening sessions for this report. The results were recorded by tracking the listenership for streaming radio online for over 2,000 talk shows listed at Talk Stream Live. Savage’s share has risen dramatically due to his rising popularity, his political insights and medical expertise during our national health crises.

Talk Stream Live Seeks Talk Shows and Talk Stations That Produce Stimulating Talk

LogoTalk Stream Live is pleased to announce they are accepting requests from any station or show interested in listing with their popular talk radio platform on the web and on mobile. With a free listing, radio stations and shows have a great opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of additional listeners. In particular, radio shows in one or a few markets that are trying to broaden their reach and following.

Talk Stream Live Announces 2014 Second Quarter Streaming Talk Shows Ranking Report

LogoWith the second quarter of the year coming to an end, Talk Stream Live has compiled its quarterly ranking report based on listeners through the site, apps, social networks, and other gadgets. The survey was based on listener sessions between the period of April 1 and June 30, 2014. In what might be considered the widest listening base in the history of the streaming talk radio site, TSL formulated their ranking report with a sample size of one million listener sessions; a remarkable achievement.

Glenn Beck's Talk Show Consistently Ranks #3 on Talk Stream Live

LogoTalk Stream Live (TSL) is one of the leading platforms for listening to streaming radio online. Talk Stream Live strives to provide its listeners with live talk radio programs while on the go. Glenn Beck is a prominent figure in talk radio and streaming media, and has recently risen to rank as the third most listened to host on Talk Stream Live. The website features a quarterly ranking from listeners who have engaged in various programs, and with his daily broadcast and his extensive reach, Beck has produced a share of 7.2.

Talk Stream Live Lands Interview with Iconic Talk Show Host Michael Savage

LogoIn what might be the most significant interview of the year for Talk Stream Live, Tom Donahue, host of TSL Talks, recently conducted an in-depth interview with top drive time radio talk show host Michael Savage. Donahue let Savage discuss what makes his show stand out to listeners and industry competitors.