Taxing Nannies

HRMC Clampdown on Nannies Tax Avoidance - Parents Beware

“Parents face tax bill over nannies” (Sunday Times), “Taxman out to catch the family nanny” (Daily Telegraph), Tax crackdown on parents who pay the nanny in cash” (Financial Times) – these are the headlines that grabbed our attention last week following a decision by the Government to provide more money for HMRC investigations targeted at households who employ a nanny as part of a crackdown on “evasion, avoidance and fraud”. This follows evidence that suggests than many parents are not declaring their nanny’s salary or topping up the declared salary with untaxed cash payments. HMRC estimate that a fifth of nannies surveyed in a report were not having the relevant nanny tax deductions made.

General Questions About Nanny Employment and Tax- Part 2

Different conditions with Nannies employment and what one can do. There are many things to consider before hiring a Nanny like Nanny PAYE, Nannies payroll service, Nanny Tax and other.

How Taxing Nannies Can Help You As Revenue Collection Unit to Pursue Late Payment

From 6 April 2012, HMRC have greater powers to help ensure that employers pay their PAYE tax deductions or Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs). The new powers will allow HMRC to obtain a security from employers where there is a serious revenue risk as a result of non-payment of employees’ income tax and NICs.